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Off casts and vintage go hand in hand

January 20, 2011

As most vintage fashion shoppers will know, you can often find bargains, unique and funky pieces and genuine vintage items in your local op shop.  But in the UK, Oxfam have taken this idea one step further, opening up their first dedicated vintage store in 2010.  The store is proving to be very popular and is attracting a lot of shoppers who are looking specifically for items which are 30-60 years old, rather than just the last few years and now it seems the idea is inspiring Oxfam’s new advertising campaign too.

The new advert, which can be seen here, features a vintage snake print outfit and strongly focuses on the vintage theme.

Image from the new Oxfam UK advert

Unfortunately we are yet to see the Australian charity shops going in the same direction.  There are vintage stores, such as 50s and 60s inspired boutiques which stock a range of clothes along with other furniture and bric a brac from the era, but these can be pricey, as the owners need to cover the costs of sourcing the items.

It is an interesting idea and direction and one that I am sure the Australian charity stores will continue to watch.  Hopefully they’ll take it up and we’ll get some new great vintage dedicated op shops in the future.

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