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Happy Australia Day!

January 26, 2011

As you know, today is the 26th of January, a national holiday around our great brown and currently very wet land.  It is a time to celebrate being Australian and what that means, and I think recently we have seen Aussie’s show the true spirit helping one and another to battle the floods as they slowly threaten more towns and more homes.

To be Australian, is not to be born here, but to embrace each other and to pitch in where you can.  From bush fires, to drought, to floods and cyclones, not to mention the spiders, snakes and other creatures!  If you choose to live here and adopt our culture of tolerance, for all religions, for all people, for all eccentricities, then you help make our home more colourful, and you are Australian through and through.

So however you plan to celebrate, from burning snags on the BBQ, going to the tennis, getting involved with the festivities, to sitting in front of the television, have a fantastic Australia Day!

How beautiful is this vintage dress on Nicole Kidman in the movie Australia!  Can’t get more iconic than a wattle dress in outback Aus!  Stunning photo too!

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