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1950’s Bridal Hair & Make Up

March 13, 2011

You have the vintage wedding dress of your dreams, the vintage wedding car and your 1950’s themed venue.

Now it’s time to look at the hair and make up for your special day.

I have found a very beautiful video clip of how to create your 1950’s bridal make up.  Of course, it can be applied to any special occasion but think of elegant like Betty Draper in Madmen or a toned down Dita Von Teese look.

As for the hairstyle it depends on the length of hair.  Here are a few ideas on bridal hairstyles in the 1950’s.

Long Hair

A neat and simple updo or a chignon bun worn at the base of the neck allows the face and dress to outshine the hairstyle.

Medium Hair

Soft wave curls were a big hit in the 1950’s, usually the wavy styles are one length down to the neck or shoulders.  To achieve this the hair is parted on the side, with one big wave in front to give the hair body and lift.  The sides are pinned or sprayed back to hold more soft waves in place.

Short Hair

Again curls look great with short hair.  Iconic brides such as Elizabeth Taylor and Jacqueline Kennedy wore short curly styles for their weddings.  To create the look, short hair  is often back-combed in front and lifted up from the forehead, with pin curls on the top and sides curling forward.  You can achieve pin curls by twisting a small section of wet hair around your finger and pinning it with a bobby pin until dry.

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