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Planning a Rock ‘N Roll Wedding?

April 7, 2011

So you’re an untraditional bride and love 1950’s Rock ‘N Roll, so what better way than to have a Rock ‘N Roll themed wedding.

Perfect for a Rock 'N Roll Bride

Instead of the more traditional looking wedding gown, you would look perfect in a full skirted Rock ‘N Roll dress and this one at Covelli would be just perfect.  What’s so great about this one is you can still be in white but with a slight twist of colour.

Teamed with a pair of White Swivels by Bleyer, also available at Covelli, you would be ready to dance the night away.

Don’t forget to finish off your wedding outfit with some accessories.

Ideal Bridesmaid Dress

If I was having this wedding, I would pick out for the bridesmaids something like a red full skirted dress, it would match the red flowers on the bride’s dress perfectly.

Another gorgeous dress by Vivien Holloway available at Covelli would be just ideal.

A wedding is not complete without the fitting wedding reception, so arrive to your wedding in a 1950’s Cadillac convertible and deck the venue out with a jukebox and hanging LPs, for just a few ideas.

Keep the theme going with your wedding cake shaped like a guitar or record.  Finally, there is so much 1950’s music to choose from, your wedding will go on for days!!!

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