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Dita, The Vivacious Queen of Vintage

April 9, 2011

The ethereal raven-haired beauty that is Dita Von Teese is many things: All would however agree that one thing she is not is your typical girl next door! She is most popularly known for single handedly reviving the art form of burlesque and for her unapologetic affinity for 40’s and 5o’s style. Her jet black waves, signature red lip and classic retro outfits pay homage to the iconic Bettie Page and make Dita the undisputed, modern day queen of vintage.

Dita has admirably refused to give up on her dreams and has certainly come a very long way from her Michigan roots. Born of a manicurist mother and machinist father, Dita grew up sapping up her mother’s passion for all things old Hollywood and has she has since turned herself into a one-woman mega brand and bankable spokesperson for top brands like WonderBra, M.A.C Cosmetics, Moschino and Renault to name a few. At 38, she has a physique that a 20-year old would envy and shows no signs of slowing down. Besides being a Hollywood beauty, she is an astute businesswoman with huge plans for the future. Along with her numerous other achievements, Dita has a fragrance and a makeup line coming out and is penning her very own beauty and stye guide book that will be released later this year.

Being the mega superstar that she is, Dita, clad in a stunning black Vivienne Westwood gown and feather fascinator, recently caused a frenzy of camera flashlights at the Vivienne Westwood Los Angeles Store opening. Her sense of style is oh, so effortless!

If there’s something Dita doubtlessly knows is the value of hard work and how to stay true to herself and not compromise to fit today’s myopic ideal of beauty. Bravo to her!

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