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John Galliano gets the pink slip…again.

April 22, 2011

Stunning gowns by the embattled John Galliano

The woes of John Galliano are mounting faster than he can fathom. Following his drunken, anti-Semitic diatribe directed at a couple in a Paris bar, he was swiftly sacked from his creative director post at Christian Dior in March but it was unclear if he would remain on-board at his namesake label.
Reports have now surfaced that the controversial designer has also been let go from his own label, John Galliano. Christian Dior S.A., which owns 91% of the label, will continue using in-house design teams that are shared between the two labels, and is entertaining offers to sell the Galliano house.

Many outraged individuals spoke out against Galliano’s remarks, including Natalie Portman. Galliano still faces an impending trial at the High Court in Paris on charges of public insult on May 12, and faces months in prison and possible charges of $31,271.

Read all the details of the rise and fall of one of fashion’s greatest stars at Women’s Wear Daily.

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