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Lisa Blue Sees Red

May 10, 2011

A model in one of the controversial swim suits at Australian Fashion Week

The recently concluded Australian Fashion Week culminated in pomp and style.  Fashion enthusiasts everywhere oohed and aahed at the stunning collections that traipsed down the runway. The designs were refreshingly edgy, colorful and up-to date.

One designer however, finds herself in proverbial hot water. Lisa Burke, creator and head designer at Lisa Blue , the swim suit label, has had to contend with very irate Hindu protestors across India who were angered by the portrayal of Goddess Lakshmi on the Label’s swimsuits. They felt that a sacred deity had been disrespected by the use of it on skimpy  clothing and that the likeness was being commercialized for profit. The protestors took to the streets denouncing the label’s latest collection, burning pictures of the swim suits and even going as far as torching the Ozzy flag. One religious group has demanded an apology from the Australian Government.

Demonstrators in India torch pictures and flag

Embattled Lisa has taken to the label’s Website, Twitter and Facebook pages to issue numerous apologies and to announce that plans to distribute and retail the collection will be permanently shelved.

One of Lisa's fabulous designs

Poor Lisa, methinks she was just employing artistic license to her designs. I highly doubt she meant to offend anyone. The depiction of human form in her designs are her signature. She has previously incorporated renaissance painting figures in her swim suit designs and I think she was just trying to use a new and unexplored subject. What do you think about the whole thing? Unforgivable Sacrilege or Artistic License?

Read the entire statement from Lisa Blue here.

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