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Couture at Cannes

May 12, 2011

The most glamorous film festival in the world is upon us yet again. Cannes Film Festival, customarily held at the Palais

Rachel McAdams in vintage Marchesa

des Festivals et des Congrès in Cannes is held annually in May. This year, Australia was proudly represented by feature film Sleeping Beauty, starring Emily Browning and directed by novelist and first-time director, Julia Leigh.

Elizabeth Taylor at Cannes in 1957

The Cannes Film Festival isn’t only a showcase for the world’s finest films, but also an excellent platform to see the best gowns thanks to the bevy of A-list actresses who ascend the Festival Palace’s grand staircase. The Red carpet at Cannes yesterday was swarming with enviable fashion and couture. Stars dressed to the nines turned out clad in everything from couture evening gowns to chic resort dresses. My personal favourite was Rachel McAdams, she looked absolutely resplendent in a red  lace vintage Marchesa. I love the ‘Old Hollywood’ wavy hairstyle as well.

Harper’s Bazaar have thrown together a slide of Cannes pictures through the years covering every notable fashion icon from Grace Kelly to latin beauty, Sophia Loren. Savour the memories here.

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