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Ideas for your Vintage Wedding: Creations And Inspirations

May 16, 2011

Vintage weddings are all the rage nowadays, especially for the couple that is unafraid to express their creativity. The good news is, it doesn’t take a time machine or a fortune to get the vintage wedding of your dreams. Here are a few simple ideas to give your big day some old-fashioned flair.

1. Mix modern with authentic vintage items to create a retro feel with a fresh perspective for the 21st century bride.     Feel free to get your creative juices flowing here, mix modern heels with a vintage dress, have your bridal party dress in vintage and have o modern wedding dress, the possibilities are endless. At Covelli, any bride determined to be different and have a beautiful vintage wedding will be absolutely spoiled for choice. We will take good care of your vintage fashion needs with fabulous retro  mother of the bride and bridal party dresses.

2. Accessorize. This is the  mark of the true vintage wedding.  Paired the bridal party’s outfits with signature accessories for instant vintage glamour.   You are completely spoiled for choice here. Take your pick with fascinators, pearls, pillbox hats, birdcage veils or more dramatic accessories like parasols for a summer or spring wedding.

3.  Styling. Commit to the vintage look by having correspondent hair styling and make-up. Execution is key so it would be best to get skilled professionals who can interpret your styling ideas to achieve an authentic look. Vintage glamour is the ultimate in celebrating all that is feminine so don’t be afraid to replicate 40’s glam.

4. Lastly…enjoy it! You’re creative and independent spirit has put time and effort into creating the vintage wedding of your dreams. Every detail doesn’t have to be perfect, just enjoy being a glamorous vintage goddess for a day!

Michelle and Dave's classic vintage wedding

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