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50 Beauty Secrets

May 19, 2011

Across borders and throughout centuries, women’s relationship with beauty has been a perpetual and relentless one. Tribal women in Africa have chiselled their teeth and pierce big holes in their ears because this is the definition of ultimate beauty in their society. In the Victorian era, women endured breathlessness and pain in the middle section in order to attain the enviable hourglass figure that corsets gave. A thousand years ago and until the early 1900s, in China, women suffered the excruciating process of breaking and binding their feet; a lifelong tremendous effort for beauty.

These days, women still suffer, though in less absurd ways. We tweeze, wax scrub and laser ourselves in pursuit of modern society’s perception of beauty. As long as there are women there will be the pursuit of aesthetic perfection and this is a small burden that most of us will gladly bear.

Have a look at 50 Beauty secrets from Marie Claire. This is a wonderful manual that every woman should have. There are tips and tricks in here that I’d never even considered!

And while you’re at it, Check out Real Beauty for looks that blew us away at Cannes.

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