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The First Lady of Fashion: Michelle Obama

May 26, 2011

When it comes to fashion, Michelle Obama can do no wrong. She epitomizes beauty, purpose, humility and grace all at once; and is living proof that you don’t always have to own an entire wardrobe of ludicrously exorbitant clothing to be a connoisseur of style and good fashion sense. This lady radiates an inner beauty that is as rare as her style and grace; whether she is rubbing shoulders with heads of state or dancing with schoolchildren, Mrs O warms hearts and touches souls.

She has recently wowed the British and the world at large with her stunning wardrobe choices on her recent trip to London with her husband, Barrack Obama.  I was completely blown away by her black Ralph Lauren Gown and whats not to love about the ivory gown from Texan fashion designer Tom Ford, that she wore to the state banquet held in the American First Family’s honor.

For more pictures of Michelle Obama’s effortless style on the state visit to the United Kingdom, Click here and here.

Michelle in an ivory Tom Ford creation

Michelle Obama dons Ralph Lauren in London

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