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The Mature Woman’s guide to Dressing for Style and Comfort

June 1, 2011

When I think of an ageless, stunning woman whose looks and style defy her years, images of Dame Helen Mirren come to mind. Her flawless fashion sense is incontrovertible proof that one must look frumpier with age. I’ve found that most mature women have succintly perfected the art of dressing in a flattering and stylish way that reflects not only their maturity but their sense of style as well. How to wear clothes so we look our best is a fundamental fashion question at every age. Very often, we need to remind ourselves to love and accept the way we look and dress in a manner that flatters your shape, size and age.There are the essential components,

One…  Know and love your body and who you are.

Two…  Dress to express your identity and feel good for the occasion.

Three…  Know what’s current and adapt accessories to trends, while keeping core wardrobe components age-appropriate.

Here are a few tips that resonated with me;

Don’t Wear Big, Baggy Clothes…

Choose Classic Styles & Clean Lines…

Update Wardrobe with Accessories…

Learn What Colors Look Best on You…

Knowing Your Colors Saves Time Shopping…

Red Is Versatile and Lively Wardrobe Addition…

Avoid Plaid Pants & Horizontal Lines…

Quality Essentials Are Worth the Price…

You Deserve and Need One High Quality Suit or Outfit…

Read the full article and get loads more in-depth tips here.

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