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October 5, 2011

          Fashion is one of the most dynamic facets in life. “Change is fashion.” It evolves, improves, and even repeats itself with a little hint of modification. Fashion definitely defies time. It is significantly influenced by an individual’s disposition, personal style, and most especially the poise to clothe and carry oneself. Different personalities are expressed through different styles and most often, fashion icons are recognized to whom people identify themselves with.

          Presently, the renowned, young, and most influential in their signature style are the Olsen twins, namely, Mary-Kate and Ashley. Who doesn’t know them? They practically started aged 9 months in the show business and grew up being in the limelight, which then, have shaped their lives and paved the way for their success and fame in acting and in designing as well. They handled their billion-dollar brand, Dualstar, at the age of 18 and then, they eventually launched, The Row, their own fashion line.

Mary-Kate and Ashley still have their distinct personal tastes in style. Mary-Kate’s fashion sense is more on the audacious side. She has moved on from her adaptation of ashcan chic to emphatic extremes. She is more of the experimenter for she loves to play with colors, to try other hair colors, and to mix together a variety of clothing of different genres, but still exudes her elegance and keeps her standards high.

          Ashley has a style that is a lot simpler than her sister’s imagination, but speaks more of sophistication with a subtle evidence of raggedness. She prefers to dress up light and less complicated. She enhances her look with trendy scarves and loves being mysterious by shading her eyes in haute style wearing her glamorous shades that add up to her relaxed and easy style.

          Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are winning comparable approbation for their ability to reinvent themselves as bona-fide fashion icons with their label The Row. As Karen Berenson, a stylist who works in New York and Los Angeles, said it, “The Olsen’s are the real thing, fashion role models for a generation entering adulthood.”

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  1. Trixie permalink
    October 19, 2011 11:41 am

    Very nice 🙂

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