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60’s Fashion Trend: Mother of Modern Fashion Trends

October 12, 2011

     Like pop music, fashion went through a revolution in the 60’s. The 60’s was the time of experimentation with various styles and dresses to find new designs from old patterns. This was a time, which saw the birth of various subcultures. First were the Rockers with their leather jackets and motorbikes, then the ultra stylish Mods who clashed with the Rockers. Then, the Hippy look arose based on a growing drug culture and widespread protests against the wars that were going on throughout the world. Finally, towards the end of the decade, the Skinheads gained popularity. It is really evident that rock and roll music had great influence on the fashion trend. From Elvis Presley to the Beatles, everyone inspired the different types of styles of this decade.

     The 60’s also saw the birth of the miniskirt that revolutionized the women’s fashion world and it is still a favorite dress of the modern women. Hemlines rose to 7 to 8 inches above the knee. It became a part of the bridal wear and as well as common party wears. The miniskirt fashion became a rage during this period. Even athletes, especially tennis players, wore them because it gave them the freedom of movement during actual games.

     The bikini culture also started during the 60’s with several Hollywood motion pictures, celebrities, and models endorsing it. The different shapes and colorful patterns of the bikini extended its use- from beach wear to party wear. It was all about attitude and the 60’s was the time that was all about showing off your attitude and thinking out of the box.

     The pillbox hat was another famous design and style statement of the 60’s. It is a small woman’s hat with a flat crown and straight, upright sides, and no brim. Brides in the 60’s wore the pillbox hat along with a veil on weddings and it soon became a common tradition to wear pillbox hats with various types of attachments.

     These were some common aspects of the strong fashion trend and revolution of the 60’s. This golden era of fashion still inspires many modern designers today. Truly, the 60’s was a time that changed the fashion world completely.

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