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Boyfriend Fashion: Wear Your Boyfriend

October 20, 2011

          “Men’s clothes make women feel powerful and sexy — and leave a lot to the imagination,” says model, Anja Rubik.

          Boyfriend fashion is also known as college fashion, which literally means borrowing and using the clothes of your boyfriend’s wardrobe. It could be any from his band tees, tattered jeans, oversized shirts, blazers, cardigans, and the like.

          In 2009, the trend spread out when Katie Holmes was caught wearing the slouchy pants of his hubby, Tom Cruise.  Known celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Rachel Bilson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Reese Witherspoon, and others are also catching up with the new trending style.

          “Boyfriend” fashion, first and foremost in off the rack lines, is modified style of any women’s garments that has an equivalent men’s piece of clothing. Garbs such as boyfriend jeans, boyfriend jackets, and boyfriend blazers, although clearly intended for the female figure, are more unisex in style or appear to be loose-fitting in comparison with most women’s jacket or trousers.

          Designers such as Charlotte Ronson, Cynthia Rowley, and Elie Tahari featured the boyfriend blazer, Alexander Wang’s T came up with the V-neck silk white T-shirt, and JCPenney’s Twelfth of Eleven introduced the button-down boyfriend T-shirt made of classic blue and white cotton that comfortably hugs the woman’s body. Famous brands such as Gap, Forever 21, Seven For All Mankind, Old Navy, and H&M began to generate boyfriend fashion products or menswear-inspired fashion for women.

          In sporting a “boyfriend fashion” outfit, you just have to make sure that everything must be proportionate. Fashion experts propose to stick to the rule that if the top is a bit slack and laid-back, the bottom should be sleeker to set it all off, vice versa.

          A blousy checkered shirt can go great if matched with a pair of shorts and a belt, perhaps, or if you’re going for the downtown-modish style, you can’t go wrong with some tights and thigh-high boots. The shirt should reach at least the middle of the thigh if you are planning to wear leggings with it.  “Remember to show some skin when wearing this trend; it will take it from boring to sexy,” Jagger tips.

          Accessories will help big time in balancing out the boyfriend style from appearing masculine. Use accessories like earrings, bracelets, necklaces, fedoras, and scarves that are strong enough or otherwise, depending on the situation, in order to counterbalance the type of boyfriend style you desire to carry out. Belts can make you look drab to exquisite with your boyfriend get up in no time, especially if the belt maintained a slim width of not more than 2 inches. Your hair can put in the final feminine touch to this boyfriend style. Keep it a little messy but still sexy or the sleekly sexy hairdo and you’re good to go.

          Annie Jagger, Los Angeles stylist, uttered, “This style fits in with the rebirth of grunge we’ve been noticing for the last year since it went down the runway at Marc Jacobs.”

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