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Go Nude!

October 24, 2011

          No, it’s not going naked. In the world of fashion, the term “nude” is now treated as a color category. From shades of shady caramel to soft beige, peachy andchampagne-like, everything about it just spells out grace, elegance, and femininity. Before, this color was disregarded because it’s too plain and simple and it lacks fashion imagination. Today, its modest approach leaves us dumbfounded with how its simplicity tells such story.

          Nude is timeless for it doesn’t try too hard to grab attention, it just simply does. If you wear it, you’d definitely stand out because aside from the fact that at first glance you might be mistaken for not wearing anything at all, it’s like you’re wearing your femininity and that’s just perfection. Even celebrities wear nude dresses as a fashion trend. According to David Zyla, Celebrity stylist and author of “The Color of Style”, there is nothing on a woman more beautiful than having them wear their essence or skin tone.

          Wearing nudes is a mixture of sophistication and sexiness. While wearing color projects volume, nudes, on the other hand, utters a sexy whisper. Nude allows a woman to wear her dress instead of the dress wearing her. It’s very elegant, says designer Pamella Roland. It’s a tease. You’re being a tease when you wear nude. It’s like you’re telling the people what could be underneath those clothes of yours, but in a subtle way, not in a slutty way.

          There are different ways on how to wear nude. You can go all out nude and still look good, unlike wearing yellow or red from head to toe. But remember to wear different shades of nude so that you won’t look too dull and neutral.

                     There are also accessories that instantly completes our gorgeous nude look. To become more fresh and young while wearing nude, mash them up with a pair of denim pants or shorts.  The denim definitely adds just the right amount of color.

          You can pair nude with absolutely anything and still look sophisticated. Pairing it up with the basics – black, gray or white, can make your look more chic while adding bright colors to nude makes it more edgy. Try them out for yourself! Whichever style you prefer, nude remains perfect as it is and that never fails to astonish us.

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