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Release The Animal In You

October 24, 2011

          Animal print, or also known as leopard print, is a garment and a fashion trend in which the item of clothing is created to bear a resemblance to the prototype of the coat and pelt of animals such as Leopard, Tiger, Giraffe, Zebra, Cheetah, and etc.











          The utilization of animal print is considered greatly useful as well for designing bags, accessories, shoes, and including jewelries. The most important distinction between animal prints and fur garments is that the former in the present time very frequently use fur imitation of the genuine animal coat.

          Animal print has been regarded as a fashionable trend for quite some time for it is luxurious and deemed to a certain extent as striking and interesting; therefore it is a representation of one’s prosperity and standing in the society. In the conventional civilization, the rising of one’s rank meant the addition of costly exotic skins and coats to their wardrobe. Dating back in time, high ranking people such as kings and rulers have been making use of rugs with animal prints on them and such as an indication of rank or position just as deceased stuffed animals are displayed as trophies.

                In the United States, animal print began to become trendy for the duration of the Bohemian movement in the late 1960’s. This fashion design possesses this inscrutability about the uniqueness of its style tracing back to ancient period. Animal print proclaims authority, victory, and nobility.

                Designers such as Betsey Johnson, Roverto Cavalli and Prada, who are highly praised worldwide, have been the leading followers of the animal print fashion design which has been evident in their different collections in their years of making business. Furthermore, Dolce & Gabbana, Mulberry, and Dris Van Noten are amongst the numerous well-known designers testing the leopard-print outfits with their own designs for the runway.

                Fashion has definitely embarked on a new approach and it has clinched this entrenched link with animal designs and garments. Animal print has not at all and, possibly, will by no means fade away plainly for the reason that it makes us reminisce of the time when we would enclose and embellish our bodies in the warmness and amazement of real exotic pelts.

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