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October 26, 2011

                In fashion, everything goes. It’s just like playing with different styles and colors. These days, intense colors from all over the spectrum are bursting out everywhere, thus making “Color Blocking” a fashion trend.

Color blocking is a fashion trend that uses the combination of two or more color blocks in one get-up. It makes use of bright and preppy colors such as orange, yellow, hot pink, emerald, violet, turquoise and other brilliant colors. Meshing up these colors in an outfit creates this sophisticated, avant-garde look. A lot of celebrities were spotted with this bold fashion style.Wearing this kind of trend requires confidence, just like any other unique style in the market. The primary rule of this particular trend is “the brighter, the better”. You can choose to wear a color blocked dress or create your own ensemble that compliments well. To get the perfect color blocked outfit, remember to pick just the right color combination.

You can do color blocking not just with your clothes, but also with your shoes, bag and other fashion accessories. It’s hip, fun and exciting. This is the easiest style you can think of when you want to add a bit of attitude in your get-up. It can immediately turn your dreary and plain wardrobe into something hot and edgy.

Be daring! Do not be afraid to try out something different. Aside from using bold colors for color blocking, you can also use simple and basic color combinations. Even with that, you can already make heads turn.


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