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Scarves and Shawls: Dual Purpose Fashion Accessory

October 28, 2011

                For years now, the scarf and shawl has been a handy fashion accessory mainly to improvise even your most grunge-up look.  Its core purpose is to help maintain a woman’s hairstyle as it is and avoid being ruined by bad weather.  It comes in many different sizes and material too. Scarves come in long lengths to keep you warm, just like a shawl or a shorter one just to wrap around the neck for a more fashionable look. You can also choose its material depending on what the weather is – from silky, knitted, thin or bulky cotton warmers.

                In today’s fashion, the scarf isn’t merely used as a protector of hairdo anymore, but solely as decorative. If you want to get that “lady from the upper east side” feel, you can instantly get that with just a piece of cloth.  Even for women who are just starting to enter the corporate world, the scarf has been used as a replacement for the man’s necktie.

                The scarf has always been a typical wardrobe accessory especially for French women. It is known for its versatility. You can tie it, fold it, loop it, or simply use it as a wrap. Celebrities use this fashion element for a more stylish look.

                Trying out the many different ways to tie a scarf and a shawl is good practice to discover your feminine and imaginative side. Being in style is both fun and exciting. We are in complete control of our own fashion styles and no one can dictate us about it. What better way to be fashionable and have fun altogether by using fashion accessories like the scarf and the shawl.

                Though wraps are excellent fashion elements, let’s not forget its other significant use: giving warmth. Without a doubt these two uses would make us more comfortable with whatever weather there is and at the same time, let us maintain a fashionable statement.


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