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Braids For All

November 7, 2011

            Braids are classic style. Sophisticated and strong but still it maintains your femininity. It’s the perfect style for those who wish to reinvent themselves with a stern yet subtle look.

       Short hairs (not as short as 3 inches) or long hairs may well all be suited to a braid. Braid hairstyles are actually 3 separated hairs being weaved to form a rope-looking hair. Suitable for men and women, braid hairstyle is a good choice when aiming for a clean or strong face features. When you’re on the go, braid hairstyle is easy to achieve.

            To try this look, you just have to comb your hair until it’s flattened. Then get a part of your hair you want to braid, divide it into 3 parts and you can start switching the right strand with the middle and then with the left. Continue the pattern until the favored braid is achieved.

            Braided hairstyles come in different types. You can have a headband braid or a Greek Goddess hairdo where the braided hair is coiled up at the top front of your face. You could also do a pony-tail braid if you are an athletic-type of person. And for those who want to have an ugly-pretty look, side braided hairdo is in match with you.

            Now, the hairstyle is everywhere. From working moms, to college students or to a woman attending a fabulous red carpet ball. This hairstyle has even hit the books. Katniss Everdeen, main character of the best selling book “The Hunger Games”, preferred her hair to be in braid, which gave her a fierce and feisty look. With this, girls of her age are now going gaga over braided hairs.

            The beauty with the hair is that you can play with it. As long as you have the imagination, you surely can nail a hairdo that’s best for you. One thing we just need to put in mind is that whatever your hairstyle is, you should know how to carry it.



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