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Go Under the Sun with Sunglasses

November 7, 2011

Sunglasses are worn, primarily because of the protection it gives. It prevents the bright sunlight and dusts from damaging our eyes. For some, it conceals the weary and droopy eyes. When worn, it gives comfort because of the cool dark shade it brings.

       In the world of fashion, sunglasses are more than just a protection. It serves as a fashion accessory. Over the years, sunglasses come in different shades, shape and size. From big framed and thick lenses, it has evolved to a more chick looking type of eye wears. Among the famous fashion sunglasses which are probably present in your wardrobe are: aviator, gradient and wayfarers. Aviator sunglasses are oversized circular shaped-having lighter shades. These sunglasses are primarily worn by the Military.

Aviators are perfect for girls with angular, thin faces for it will give your cheekbones subtle definition. Good for day-to-day occasions, aviators even look good with a simple tank top and a mini short.

        Still in an oversized shape, Gradient sunglasses are cool for day and night due to its lighter shade at the bottom than the top. Ideal eyewear for clubbing and shopping, these sunglasses will unmistakably glam up your day even your night.

       If you’re looking for sunglasses that would be a perfect match with your vintage dress, Wayfarers would be the best. Wayfarers have wider top than the bottom. Ragged and classic in style but it still it exudes the elegance from you. Fit for rounded faces, this will accentuate your chin and make your face appear longer and thinner.

Now, if you’re ready, let’s take a walk. Jar up your wardrobes and pick up the best sunglasses you have ‘cause the sultry sidewalk of fashion awaits us. Remember, a little stroke of smile on your face is definitely eye-catching and don’t forget to chin up and be proud.

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