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Watch the Watch!

November 8, 2011

            Watches are one of the most useful accessories you can put on your body. It not just a mere accessory, but it is a necessity. You can make it as small or as large and bold as you want it to be. It really depends on you and your personality.

            For starters, big, bold, loud watches are coming in trend nowadays. Besides the fact that checking the time would be as exciting, it is also a very fashionable addition to your daily wardrobe. Even if you are just wearing a white tee and jeans, a big, colourful watch would just do the trick to make you look more appealing, but still not losing that fashionable aura.

          When you are wearing a big, bold-coloured watch, people look at you as someone who is fun, exciting and fashionable at the same time. True, it is not that easy to pull it off. It needs confidence and a bright smile.   

             If you’re asking what colours would fit you, that’s easy. Any colour would do, as long as you think you could bring your style on.

             The very best thing you could get out off big, colourful watches is that it is very flexible. If you’re wearing a multi-coloured watch, any outfit would look stunning on you as long as one or two of the colours in the watch match one of the colours of your outfit. If you are as bold as your bold-coloured watch, you can mix and match different colours at the same time. Just consult the colour wheel, and check on what colours complement each other. For instance, violet and yellow are very good colour complements. So you can wear your yellow watch with your violet blouse or sandals.

            Remember, time is gold, and so is your style. Smile and be confident.

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