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Let Your Ears Do The Talking

November 10, 2011

Looking back in time, women in the olden times have adorned their bodies with jewelries, namely: necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, and anklets. The use of these ornaments has evolved through time and has continued to be in trend until the present.

Women during the ancient times wear jewels mainly for the significant meaning they possess and because of their belief on the different symbols. Nowadays, women merely wear accessories for fashion and they don’t usually put everything on all at the same time. Some just use one kind of jewelry like earrings, in particular.

Earrings are usually worn by pair while some prefer putting on a multiple of it. It just depends on how you carry it and if you are daring enough to flaunt it around.

The styles and designs of jewelries for the ears have also evolved and modernized with time. A lot of different collections are being produced and manufactured by jewelry industries and hand-made are done by single entrepreneurs as well. Some of the different kinds of earrings are studs, buttons, dangling, hoops, etc. which can accentuate your simple outfit, complete your get-up, or just even liven up your natural beauty.

All of the different types of earrings can be worn at any time of the day whenever you feel like wearing it especially if you are the kind of person who is an experimenter and is cool with standing out. However, the studs and buttons earrings are best worn if your hair is tied up to emphasize more your ears; and if you are sporting a necklace with your dress or gown, studs or buttons are the answers for a simple but elegant look. Furthermore, hoops and dangling earrings look best alone if you are putting on a dress or a gown in order to avoid being overly dressed.

Earrings are few of the most reliable and best friends of girls, ladies, and women. They provide instant improvisation. Always keep a pair with you.


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