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November 11, 2011

          Layered Clothing is a style in fashion where one wears several clothes on top of each other. Usually, thin garments are the first to be worn, and the last piece of clothing would be something thick like a coat or a jacket.

When you layer clothes, you need not to spend money or go for shopping, you just have to go through your wardrobe and get all of the shirts and dresses that match with one another in terms of color and texture. Once you layer clothes, you must pay attention on the length of sleeves of your garments, clothes with collars, coats and skirts.

Accentuate your layered clothes with belts or scarves. This would put a bit of shape on your body, as you are having loads of clothes wrapped on you. Refrain from wearing necklaces and other accessories because they will just make you look more bulky. Make sure to put on killer shoes with this get up to make you look stunning and gorgeous.

Layering of clothes is good when you’re aspiring for a casual or a formal look. In the morning, have a coat on top of your dress or shirt and then pair it with belt. Then when the sun sets and the city’s lights come to life, you just have to unfasten or remove the belt and the coat, and within seconds, you will have a new look.

Mixing and matching of clothes is the core of this style. You just have to gear up your imagination and playfulness. Explore the varieties of colors and use them to have an excellent look. Don’t just rely on a single color, for the essence of layered clothing is to show that different shirts with different styles can be combined and can result to an eye-catching fashion.

This manner of clothing is a trend in the season of parties and cold conditions. Still, this is a good get up even on sultry days. Though, the quantity of layering would also depend on the weather condition.

Experiment! Explore! Enjoy!

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