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Plaids Don’t Fade

November 17, 2011

Plaids are most famous during fall. It is mostly associated to a tartan with a checkered pattern. In fashion, plaids come and go. But because we are now on a modern age where we are reviving the classy and sophisticated outfits, plaid comes in and becomes a fashion trend. Plaid as a returnee in the world of fashion, goes wilder in its different array of colors and designs. Now, plaids can be tops, skirts, coats, accessories and shoes.

Everybody can wear plaid. You just have to find the best one for your size or height. Plaid may look ragged or boyish but with a proper fitting and some accessories, no wonder you can pull a plaid outfit on an elegant way. Plaid, just like any clothes, goes well to any type of person. For women who want to go for a preppy look, a plaid hair band or a plaid dress suits you best. If you want to look a bit flirty without getting nude, choose a plaid coat that is not oversized and with small size pattern for a slender look. Opt for a more clean and neutral plaid if you are intending to have a casual or formal look to boost your sophistication.

Experiment with plaids, never be afraid to play with colors and show some layers. Scarves, belts, hair bands are just among the accessories that will heighten up your outfit. Tweak the beauty in plaid. Cut them in any lengths you want, and you can create a fashionable skirt or scarf from it. Accentuate your plaid tops by decorating tassels on its sleeves or putting some oversized colorful buttons. Complete your look with necklaces, bracelets, leather caps and boots. To make sure all eyes are on you, give yourself a feisty or sexy look and wear plaids!

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