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Ballet Inspiration

November 18, 2011

It’s in every girl’s dream to be a ballet dancer. Through the years, a female ballet dancer has been a symbol of beauty, grace, and elegance.  Lucky right now, you don’t have to enroll on a ballet class to achieve a ballerina look ‘cause ballet has conquered the world of fashion.

Ballet inspired look is a trend nowadays. From the ballet shoes to leotards and to tutu skirts, all has been fad. Most ballet dresses are in nude, white, pink or peach colors. Colors that bring out the femininity in you. The garments used in these dresses are usually mesh and soft. That’s why aiming for a ballet inspired look is really perfect if you want to act like a girl, soften your features and be as delicate and sophisticated as ever.

The iconic symbol for ballet would be perhaps it’s puffy and floaty skirt. Tutu skirts can be very flexible. Easy to use and easy to match with other clothes. You can pair it with a tube or underneath, a leotard. Well, if you are the conservative type of girl, tutu dress still perfectly fits your preference. It can go short as short as you want or it can go long to your ankles. It can be good to wear on a formal occasion or as a street style. Pair your top with cardigan if you don’t want some skin exposed. The exquisiteness you want will be perfectly given if tutus are wrapped on you.

To add delicacy in your look, fix your hair to a bun with a lace. Gold and silver necklaces or bracelets are also good complements to this look. Don’t be afraid to try this, ‘cause this look will squeeze out the sexiness in you, inside and outside. So make a buzz and dance along the street wearing ballet inspired outfits!

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