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Strap It On

November 18, 2011

         Ever had that day when everything you’re wearing doesn’t seem to make any sense? When your entire wardrobe becomes boring and lifeless? Or have you ever had that day when suddenly your clothes have outgrown you? Here’s a very useful tip: Try wearing a belt. Yes. That’s right, a belt.

         Belts can be your best friend in times like these. Not only does it keep your pants up, but belts can always add life to a boring outfit. If you’re wearing something like just a plain top and a pair of khaki shorts, make it more appealing by wearing a belt.

         There are different types of belts. You can choose from a wide array of belts ranging from ultra-thin belts, chain belts, standard belts, large buckle belts, sashay belts, to even designer buckle belts. The choice is yours, whichever you feel suits you.

          Ultra-thin belts are apparently the bomb in fashion nowadays. Ultra-thin belts are usually about 1-inch thick, and it does come in many colours. Chain belts are usually used for plain dresses which need to be enhanced a little. It gives class and elegance even if you are wearing just a plain white dress. Standard belts on the other hand, are just simple belts which are used for daily wardrobes. They are usually around 2 inches wide and are usually made of leather. Large buckle belts, from the word itself, have big, stylish buckles which add spice to your outfit.

          Moreover, Sashay belts are usually made from satin or silk, which is suited to wear with gowns or cocktail dresses typically worn on formal occasions. As you see, there are a lot of different types of belt that can be perfect for whatever you are wearing. Be it casual wear, evening wear, or even formal wear. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. Be creative and enjoy!


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