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Corporate Fashion Mix and Match

November 24, 2011

Fashion is literally just evolving as time goes by. Even in the corporate world, fashion is slowly creeping into its walls. Nowadays, getting dressed for work doesn’t mean you have to forget your personal style. Sometimes an overly polished and an unexciting style can be a career killer.

Your goal is to look your best, whether you’re going to have an interview or you’re already part of the organization.  The clothing that you wear to work says a lot about you as a person. Your mission is to present yourself as a positive image and avoid sending the wrong message. Here’s a helpful guide for you to look professional at the same time fashionable.

  • Slacks

Every career-oriented woman should purchase a pair of business slacks because they work well for both professional and casual environments.  Pairing a black or gray business slacks with a brightly colored top can make you look fresh and full of life at work without breaking your budget. Remember, the perfect fit is everything!





  • Skirts

Business skirts are just the thing for any business function. Wearing a dark colored pencil skirt, like dark navy, gray, and black are highly suggested then insert a white or cream lacey top for a more sophisticated, professional look.




  • Shift Dresses

Designs of shift dresses are elegant and professional at the same time. They can be worn in the office and at working dinners as well. Shift dresses are more popular among young professionals who want to add a pinch of their own style to their wardrobe.





  • Blazers

Corporate blazers exude an aura of being in authority. It enhances your look and gives you that smart yet chic image. From the workplace, with your slacks or skirt on, down to the mall with your shorts on, wearing a blazer gives you that stylish edge you’re looking for, whenever, wherever!



Now that you know the basics of what to wear in the corporate world, why not try them out for yourselves? Grab the attention of your co-workers and bosses. Who knows? You might even get the promotion you deserve for dressing à la mode.

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