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Do the bangles!

December 1, 2011


            Everyday is a new day to dress up, look good and feel good. You should never let a day pass without you being beautiful and sexy. Now, how do you do it? There are three things you should always remember: 1. Mix and match. 2. Do not be afraid of colours. 3. Wear the right accessories. These three rules will make your life easier in dressing up the right way, and all in all, looking great.





            The first two rules mentioned above shall be your basis on the wardrobe you are going to wear on a specific day. Be bold on your colours and combinations to make you look extra beautiful, thus, making you more confident about yourself.

            Now that you’ve chosen what to wear, it’s time to accessorize. As you can see, bangles make great accessories to any type of outfit. You can wear it even if you are wearing a cocktail dress, casual clothes, or even in formal wear. It just depends on what type of bangle you will be choosing, and your colour combination with the whole outfit.

            There are basically two types of bangles: one is a solid cylinder type, and the other is a split, cylindrical spring opening/closing type. They all differ from the material used in making the bangle, thickness, size, colours and style. There are a lot of varieties you can choose from.

            Some bangles have intrinsic designs embroidered on the surface; some have hand-painted designs on it, while others are just plain colored bangles that are worn altogether with other different-colored bangles.

            Again, it’s all about the right combinations together with a chic, sophisticated taste in fashion. Bangles would make a great addition to your over-all outfit, and it really makes a fashion statement for you. Just enjoy with it and you and everybody else will surely love your look!


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