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Pretty Pleats!

December 5, 2011

              Looking at today’s hottest trends, the past has been resurfacing its fashion glory days.  Vintage and retro inspired outfits are among the top favorites in the fashion industry, thus making the retro chic look definitely “in” once again.

From mini, to knee-length, long and ladylike, the humble pleated skirt has had a style since God knows when. By definition, a pleat is a type of fold formed by doubling fabric back upon itself and securing it in place. In clothes, such as skirts and dresses, they are heat-set into sharp creases making them fall in soft rounded folds.

              Nowadays, pleated skirts come in all lengths and shapes.  They come in maxi, midi, and mini.  They emphasize textures, shapes and colors. It’s available in almost all colors you can think of! It depends on what your style is, really. You can go with whatever look you desire just by choosing the right pieces that mesh well together.

*           Want to go for that nautical look? Choose pleated skirts in stripes, blue, red and white.  Just go easy on the details to keep your nautical outfit look authentic.

 *         How about going for that retro chic look? Go for pleated skirts with dotted prints, regal colors and vivid textures. You can even pair them up with plain tops to give the skirt the attention it deserves.

 *           Fancy that sophisticated vintage look? Wear pleated skirts in nude or pastel colors then pair them up with lacey cream or flowery tops. Those colors would surely make you look elegant and classy without question. For a more modern-vintage look, choose pleated skirts with frills, edging and details. Actually, details such as scallop edging, laces and frills give your apparel that feminine touch. It’s your call if you want to look extra lady-like or not.  After all, wearing a skirt is lady-like already.

           So take your style up a notch! Mix and match pleated skirts with what’s in your closet and perfect that eye-catching look.

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