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What’s Your Colour? Tell Me What’s Your Colour Ooh!

December 7, 2011

There are lots of different colours you could choose for your hair colour and there are lots of different ways of going about it, but the first thing to take into consideration is the durability of the colour you choose.  Always keep in mind that when choosing the right hair colour, the kind of maintenance you’re willing to put into your hair should not be disregarded. Think of how you’re going to be able to maintain the hair colour. Of course, the further away from your natural colour you go, the more maintenance it’s going to be. Why? Because the further away from the natural colour, the sooner you are going to notice it grow out. However, there are other factors to

consider- lots of them, because with colour, we look at a lot of different things.

Whether you colour hair professionally or at home, you should choose the right hair colour that complement your skin tone. In addition to that, you look at what natural tones occur in your hair. You should also look at your eye colour. Of course, you should definitely look for your prettiest features.

Typically, if you have a very golden skin tone, you don’t want golden hair. That would make you very monochromatic. A cooler shade would look better on a warmer skin tone. Highlights around the face brighten a dull complexion or bring out blue eyes. If your hair has natural cool tones, it would be better to go with the different shades of brownor other cool colours like silvery blonde because that would definitely look natural on you. If you have some red tones in your skin, of

course, it’s not advisable to you use red hair colours that are too warm or too bright. Use cooler tones of red to bring out the beauty of the redness in your skin.

Always remember that the right hair colour will make your look come to life.

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