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Make up your Makeup

December 22, 2011

            Makeup is used to enhance the beauty of a person or cover-up blemishes and flaws. It becomes an easy task to put on makeup with a little practice and patience.

            The makeup you apply shall vary depending on the occasion, the event, or your daily routine in life. For instance, if you come to work every day, your make-up shall exude a feeling of freshness and a light aura. If you will be going to a party the night after, your eyes shall be dramatic, and your over-all makeup is heavier compared to your daytime makeup.

            For teenagers, makeup should not really be an essential part of their lives, though a light blush, powder, and concealer for acne and blemishes can be considered. Since teenagers are more prone to acne due to puberty, putting on concealer can sometimes be a necessity. If you are one, find a concealer that is oil-free. Blend the concealer well, and when the concealer dries up, you can set it with loose powder.

            If you are a beginner in applying makeup, here are a few tips you can use to start off your beautification.

  •               You can start off with a nude eyeshadow. The nude eyeshadow gives you a subtle, fresh look which looks great especially for daytime makeup. A light pink or rosy blush on will be a perfect addition to your look. Do not overdo it. Lip gloss, choose a shade slightly deeper than your natural lip color. Lip gloss will give you a youthful, fresh look, rather than putting on too much lipstick.

           Always put in mind that if you are putting on makeup regularly, never ever forget to wash off and clean your face before putting on makeup, and before going to bed. This will ensure that your face will still be fresh and free from acne and blemishes.

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  1. December 22, 2011 9:23 am

    that’s a nice article about make useful.thanks a lot.

  2. December 23, 2011 8:08 pm

    You are most welcome, so pleased you enjoyed it

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