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De Nimes – DENIM

December 26, 2011
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Denim is known as good attire when somebody doesn’t have any time for vanity. You just have to slip it into your legs or arms and after seconds, you already have an instant look. That’s the magic of Denim.

Denim is a fabric called serge which originated in Nimes, France during the middle ages. From serge de nimes, it became DENIM as popularized by Americans. Denim is a rugged cotton fabric in which the yarns are weaved with the warp threads.                                                                                    

During the 19th century era, this textile is primarily worn by mechanics and painters as clothing for the bottom half part of the body due to its durability and comfort. It is traditionally in color blue or indigo.  From trousers in form, it evolved into jumpers and eventually accentuated by different tailors which turned Denim into real fashion clothing. The earliest makers who made Denim as fashionable as possible were Jacob DavisCalvin Rogers, and Levi Strauss. As we trace back the history of Denim, we have come to know that Denim has come a long way in a very short amount of time.

In the moment, Denim can be loose, straight or very tight. It also can be jacket, bag, shoes and an accessory. It can be a street wear, casual wear or can be sometimes a formal wear. The clothing which also hovers any walks of life-may you be rich or poor.This just goes to show that Denim is really versatile and felexible.  Any tops with different colors would be a perfect match for denim. Even if your whole outfit is in denim, it is still glamorous. No wonder Denim is still in the pedestal of fashion.


To pull of a denim clothing, you just have to loosen up and do whatever you want ’cause the essence of denim is to show the beauty in you, wherever you are.
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