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Stripes… Stripes… Stripes…

January 18, 2012

Stripes are one of the elements of fashion which never go out of style. Be it your blouse, your skirt, your bag, or even your shoes, as long as you know how to mix and match and balance your outfit, you sure will be looking perfect in it.

When you are wearing stripes, make sure that you do not overdo it, neither should you under do it. Decide on one colour for your stripes and play around with the colour in your outfit. Choose one element of your outfit to be stripes. For instance, if you are wearing a striped blouse, avoid wearing a striped skirt for it will look a bit confusing. Even if you just wear striped shoes, together with a plain-coloured blouse and jeans, it would look fantastic as it is.

However, if you plan on going bold and beautiful, you can choose wearing stripes with bold colours in it. Just make sure that the colours you choose are complementary and won’t actually have to fight for attention. Remember, the key to wearing stripes is balance.

Also, stripes can be tricky sometimes.It may make you appear thinner and longer, or wider and stouter. You really should be careful on the pattern of stripes to wear. Here’s the rule: If you want to appear thinner, choose the vertical stripes. Though, diagonal stripes are more fashionable and it will give you a more appealing look than vertical stripes. Vertical stripes are somewhat outdated, so this could be a reason why more prefer wearing diagonal stripes than vertical stripes.

On the other hand, horizontal stripes are also a very stylish choice. Women who want to appear a bit bigger or fuller than the usual should wear horizontal stripes. Big, bold stripes make you look more curvaceous and voluptuous.

Just mix and match, learn how to balance, and remember, with stripes, a little goes a long way!


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