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Country Music and Country Fashion for the Cowgirl in You!

January 19, 2012

Once again, the most sought after country Music Festival in Australia, the Tamworth Country Music Festival is coming. The festival will start on the 20th of January and will end on 29th of January 2012. For this year, the theme for the festival takes its name from the song performed by Slim Dusty, written by Don Walker entitled, “Looking Forward, Looking Back” in celebration of the 40th successful year of

the festival.

The festival showcases a wide variety of country music together with 2,200 events and 4,000 different shows performed in 80 different locations. This alone should give you enough enthusiasm and excitement for you to actually go and witness this spectacular event!

In this festival, people are fashionably walking through the streets in their stylish, country outfit which usually consists of a pair of boots and checkered polo shirts and blouses. But really, how do you dress up with country fashion or western style? Here are some rules you might want to consider when dressing up the country style.
1. When wearing country outfit, never ever wear jeans that have sequins in the back pocket. The sequins belong to the


2.Tooled-leather belts are essential in your outfit. The buckles must be big and shiny.

3. When wearing a cap, always wear it with the bill of the cap pointed straight ahead.

4. Farm caps that you should wear are most often than not dirty.

5. For girls, a cowgirl hat is necessary. Make sure that the size of the hat is perfect for the size of your head.

6. Great fitting western jeans, along with a vest or a cowgirl jacket depending on the weather shall also be a part of your get-up.

7. You will also need a western handbag. These handbags are usually leather and hand-tooled.

8. To pull off your cowgirl look, the perfect boots must be on your feet. If you’re really serious with your cowgirl look, you can invest on some expensive leather boots, or otherwise, just choose cheap, quality boots.
9. And lastly, do not forget to accessorize yourself. Boleros, earrings, necklaces and bracelets is just the thing to polish your look.

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