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Women love Country love Women

January 20, 2012

What comes into your mind when you hear “Country Music”? Since the 1940’s, country music has been a popular American musical style that roots from Western cowboy and folk music. Back then it was called hillbilly music, but changed to country when it became popularized.

At present, country music expresses many styles and subgenres such as country soul, country rock and country pop. A lot of artists have ventured into country music and though they have their own different styles, that specific distinction of “country” is always present in their music.

Because the women are also known for country music, not just the men, here’s some of those female country stars that each represent very different country music styles, from traditional and contemporary to country rock and country pop. Aside from the fact that these ladies have undeniably great talent and have contributed good music in the industry, they are also known for their irresistible style and looks. See for yourself!

 Dolly Parton 









Shania Twain











Faith Hill














Olivia Newton-John








 Carrie Underwood












Kasey Chambers








 Leann Rimes












Miranda Lambert










Martina McBride











Taylor Swift










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