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Beautiful on Chinese New Year

January 23, 2012

The Chinese New Year is once again here. It’s that time again where all the Chinese and people who respect the Chinese celebrate this spectacular occasion as a festivity of where the Chinese come from, who they are, and who they aspire to become.

Not only do people enjoy the activities during the Chinese New Year, but buying new clothes is also one of their favorite things to do. Wearing a Chinese New Year dress in a true sense shows a long and complex interaction between sophistication and tradition.

Over the years, Chinese fashion has already evolved. From the clothing, to the make-up, Chinese fashion never fails to amaze the eyes of the fashion gurus.

Traditional Chinese fashion consists of embroidered shoes, Chinese brocade silk Fabric, Cheongsam dress, Tang Jackets, and many other items. Up until now, these traditional clothing are worn by local residents of China. The embroidered designs of their dresses often symbolized their social status. The following photos showcase the astounding designs of Chinese clothing.

In China, make-up has also been a trademark for most women. The Chinese women have been known to create the most intrinsic, unique and beautiful masterpieces on make-up. Here is a video which will show you how creative and how amazing Chinese fashion-inspired make-up for women.


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