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Australia’s Top Models

January 26, 2012

Happy Australia Day! This is a festive day for Aussies worldwide to express their pride! They get to put their hair down, sit back and relax, and just let the day pass with nothing else to worry about but where to go, what to eat, and who to celebrate with.

Basically, Australia Day is one of the biggest festivals in Australia. It celebrates life, music and happiness in Australia. Several music festivals happen during Australia Day which is one the highlights of the said day.

It is also a way of celebrating beauty and glamour of Australian women which is evident world-over. A lot of models who  have made it to the big scene are from Australia. It’s rich culture and amazing personality might be the main reasons why. As you can see, Australia have everything to boast for when it comes to beauty and talent.

Everybody gives a heads up to Australia Day for paving way to better camaraderie among Aussies themselves during the festival. Unfortunately,  Australia Day still receives a lot of criticisms and bad reviews because of different political reasons in the country. But still, the Aussies continue to spend the day with laughter, food, booze and beauty.

Today, we celebrate with Australia by turning our attention to some of the sexiest Aussie models in the fashion world. Let’s thank Australia for making these beautiful people renowned to the world. According to, these top ten Aussie models are guaranteed to make a mark on the fashion world for years to come.

Elle Macpherson

Emma Balfour

Miranda Kerr

Julia Nobis

Andrej Pejic

Abbey Lee Kershaw

Jess Hart

Catherine McNeil

Bambi Northwood-Blyth

Nicole Trunfio

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