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Eyelashes that Spell S-E-X-Y

February 1, 2012

Long eyelashes can be the best asset a woman can have. Sad to say, some are not blessed with long lashes. That is why mascara becomes a basic part of the make-up kit for girls. Mascara is used to elongate, and emphasize the lashes. It gives the lashes a darker and thicker finish which makes the eyes of a woman more appealing and sexier.

It is not easy to apply mascara perfectly. It takes patience and a lot practice for you to learn how to apply mascara on your lashes. Here are some tips you should remember in applying mascara to your lashes.

1. Choose the best mascara that fits you. Avoid using very cheap mascaras for it may cause damage to your eyelashes. This link will give you the list of ten best mascaras in the market today.

2. You should always clean your mascara wands. This will help your mascara run smoothly through your lashes.

3. Take it slow. Do not apply mascara on your lower lashes if your upper lashes are still wet.

4. It is best to use waterproof mascara so that your face won’t be messy when unexpected watery situations happen to you.

5. Do not over do your lashes. Apply just enough mascara on your lashes, just enough to make your eyes look beautiful.

6. Do not be afraid of mixing mascaras. Try applying a first coat of lengthening mascara, then a thickening mascara afterwards.

7. Wiggle your mascara wand. This will prevent clumps and this will separate your lashes which would give a more natural finish to your eyes.

8. Using an eyelash curler before applying mascara will make your eyes appear to be brighter and wider. If you plan to curl your lashes after applying mascara, make sure that the mascara is dried out completely.

Watch this video for more elaborate instructions and tips on how to apply mascara.

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