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Shoes on the Loose!

February 1, 2012

The time of the year for buyers and sellers of shoes to mingle and get acquainted with each other is once again coming, that is, the Australian Shoe Fair. This business event is officially for bonafide members of fashion, footwear and accessories industry. So if you are into the shoe and fashion industry, this is the perfect fashion event you should never miss!

  Shoes are a basic necessity of each and every one of us. Not only does it protect our feet from external conditions, it also patches up our over-all look. Most often than not, the shoes or footwear define a person’s personality. It can be a manifestation of what he or she really is.

In the fashion industry, the styles of shoes are being reinvented decade after decade. Here are some shoe styles which were reinvented from time to time but still kept the trend going on ever since.

1. Platform shoes or wedges. Platform shoes or wedges are shoes or sandals with a thick, elevated outsole where both the heel and the toe are raised, therefore, providing height to the person wearing it. The elevated toe area may sometimes be separated with the heel.

2. Ugg Boots. By definition, ugg boots are boots made of sheepskin with the wool as a lining and leather in the exterior.

3. Loafers. Loafers are low-leather step-in shoes, which has a top that resembles a moccasin, but has a broad, flat heel.

4. Essential Flats. Flat shoes are shoes which obviously, have no heels or has flat heels, which are popular for girls because of the comfort it brings to the feet.

5. Classic Sneakers. Classic sneakers are usually sports shoes made of canvas with pliable rubber soles.

6. Evening High Heels. Evening high heels are basically shoes with heels, usually used in more formal occasions.

7. Sandals. Sandals are a type of shoes consisting of a sole fastened to the foot by thongs or straps.

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