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Glam up Your Ankles with Anklet

February 3, 2012

 Ankle bracelet or more commonly known as “anklet” is a popular addition to the accessory collection of a girl. Anklets
work the same way as arm bracelets. They add charm and beauty to your ankle. It is most common to wear an anklet during summer especially when you are wearing capris or shorts, which would look really good.

There are a lot of different types of anklet depending on the material it is made of. There are metal anklets, anklets made of hemp, leather, and plastic. Also, the more popular types of anklets are made of silver or gold, which costs a bit more than the other types of anklets.

You might also be wondering on where to put your anklet, the right or the left ankle? In India, anklets are traditionally worn on both ankles. However, cultures outside of India usually wear anklets on the right ankle. This might be because most people are right-handed.  Also, some believe that wearing an anklet on the right ankle means that the woman is already married. On the contrary, wearing an anklet on the left ankle signifies a woman who is still single and searching. Basically, it depends on you, on which ankle you are comfortable of wearing your anklet.

You can also create your own anklet to give it a more customized and personalized look which would really fit your own personal style.

Here is a video which could help you get started with making your own anklets.

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