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Big Bags: Practical and Fashionable All at the Same Time!

February 6, 2012

Bags are one the few things that are compulsory in a woman’s life, that is, besides shoes and clothing. That is why women really take time to choose the best bag they can get their hands on. A big bag, for one, is one of the most popular choices of women. Why?

Well, one of the best reasons there is, is that it can hold all, and I mean all of the things that a woman needs to bring. Using a big bag means that you can put all your things in one place without having to worry of leaving anything, or not having enough space to put all your necessities. This is one of the most practical reasons why women love big bags.

Big bags are also best used when travelling. You do not need to bring several pouches and small bags for all the different things you need to bring. As said earlier, yes, you can fit them all in one bag. For women with children, big bags are useful because of the small pockets inside. They can put small objects and things for their children in the same bag.

Big bags are also said to have the “slimming effect”. A lot of celebrities use big bags because it makes them look more slender and thin. On the contrary, big bags are not recommended for petite, small girls. It will make them look shorter, and might give an overwhelming look.

Big bags are also loved by women because it is a very versatile part of the outfit. You can pair it even with jeans and
a tee shirt, and still look casual but classy. It all boils down to the color you choose, the design, the features and the style of your big bag.

 On the other hand, big bags are also not loved by some women. Why? For one, big bags mean more things, heavier load. Therefore, 99% of the time, big bags can take its toll on your health. It may cause back aches and shoulder pains. According to research, the ideal weight that women should be carrying on their shoulders is more or less a kilo. In the contrary, the average big bag with contents in it could weigh between 2.5 kg to 5 kg.

And again, it all depends on how you carry your bag and yourself. Do it with grace and poise, and you’ll surely nail whatever bag you choose to bring with you.

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