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Bandage Skirts: The Secret to Versatility, Comfort and Style!

February 8, 2012

Bandage skirts are becoming a trendy addition to the closets of most women nowadays. Basically, that can be attributed for the fact that bandage skirts are the most versatile, comfortable, yet chic skirts which would really complement your femininity. They are versatile because they can be worn during the day in your casual wear, or it can also be used to pull off your corporate look. If you have a dinner date you have to attend to, a bandage skirt would be perfect for it. And even if you want to party all night long, yes, you can wear a bandage skirt along with a super sexy top and make-up. Now, who says bandage skirts aren’t versatile?

Wearing a bandage skirt needs proper apparel combination. Do not overdo it. Just be playful. Here are a few ways to wear your bandage skirts in different situations and occasions.

Casual, Day Wear

If you are just going to the coffee shop or to the mall with some friends and you fancy wearing your bandage skirt that would be very nice and comfortable. You can pair your bandage skirt with an over-sized shirt, and/or a blazer. Make sure to pair it up with casual but classy accessories too.

Corporate Look

If you have a busy day in the office and you want to be comfortable in doing all your errands, paperworks, meetings and what-not, wearing a bandage skirt would be the answer. Choose the conservative, corporate blouses which could be tucked in for more drama. Wear it with a scarf or a long necklace along with semi-high heels.

Dinner Date

A dinner date will also be perfect to wear your bandage skirt along with a fashionable, chic, sexy blouse to make your date say Wow! It’s all in the accessories, the shoes, and how you carry yourself.

Girls Night-out!

A sexy, fun, spontaneous night-out with the girls can be a perfect time to wear your bandage skirts. You can opt for the shorter ones, and choose the best tube or sleeveless to pair it with. Remember, do not overdo it. A little goes a long way. Just have fun with it, and you’ll surely look perfect for any situation or occasion you attend to.


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