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Oh, Valentine, Oh!

February 11, 2012

The day of love, love and love is once again knocking on the doors of our heart. Yes, you’re right! It’s Saint Valentine’s Day, my friend. It is the day that everybody is obliged to at least love the idea of love. For couples, it is one of the 365 days in which they brainstorm and think of the sweetest, cheesiest, mushiest gift they could ever give each other.

So what can you give you special someone this Valentine’s Day? Reinvent your Valentine’s Day gifts to make it extra special. Put in mind that your gifts need not be mushy and cheesy. As long as you’re giving it from your heart and without any hesitations, it will surely leave a mark in the heart of your special someone.

You can try having your own couple shirt printed. Think of an original design or phrase which both of you can relate to, and which you think is perfect for the both of you as a couple. Do not overdo it. Keep it simple and sweet. Avoid clichés.

A better suggestion would be couple shoes for both of you. You can have your sneakers customized by having it printed or hand-painted. There are several online shops and art shops which offer this kind of service. Hand-painted sneakers appear to be more attractive because of the vivid colours of the paint, so it is basically a better choice. Or if you have the talent, why not try hand-painting it yourself? That would be a very thoughtful gift to give. Your special someone will surely appreciate it, for sure.

Remember, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for you to show the person you love how much you love him or her. Gifts need not be expensive and flashy. Just use your imagination. Utilize what you can use. And just be you. Do not overspend, but do exert effort in doing something to make him or her feel how much you love them.

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