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February 17, 2012

I’m always amazed on how many people walk around an ill-fitting garment. Now I get it- everybody can’t spend money on custom-made pieces, but really, ready-to-wear is not always ready-to-wear. So you just spend a few of your money on getting alterations to give you a custom-fit look. Here are (5) ready-to-wear assumptions that can easily be “altered.”

  1. The pants are meant to be that long. Who thinks walking around on the back of their pants is a good look? The pants will be ruined in no time. If I were you, I’d hem that pair of pants to the right length. It won’t cost you a lot.
  2. The pants are meant to be that short. No. Unless you’re planning to do some kind of a rain dance, these pants are meant to be long. Here, you have 3 options: a. Ask the store if they sell longer versions of that pair of pants, b. See how much of a hem is left on to those pants, or c. Just don’t buy them. Really. Shop for a better pair of pants.
  3. The shoulders of your jacket are meant to fall off your natural shoulders. Not. Go visit a professional tailor. He can definitely adjust your jacket so that your shoulders get back on your shoulders. I’m sure it wouldn’t be too expensive.
  4. The waist of those pants is meant to gap like that. Yeah, you can just wear a belt, but the belt can only work for you if the waist only has a small gap. However, if you’re buying pants that are two sizes larger and the waist of those pants has a huge gap, you need to get those altered. So just visit a tailor. The tailor can take those pants in and give you a custom fit look, and then the belt can be optional.
  5. A shirt is supposed to gap like that and show off the bra. Really? Unless you love the shirt, just leave it on the rack. But if you do love it, it’s likely that the gap is caused by the buttons being so far apart. Just take it to a tailor. He can put some shirt snaps in between the buttons, and then voila, no more flashing people!

                These are just a few tips on how to choose and alter your clothes to get the best fit.

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