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Step up on High Heels!

February 20, 2012

A girl wouldn’t be a full blown lady without even donning a pair of high heels. High heeled footwear is footwear that raises the height of your shoes by building poles on the heels. High heels tend to give the illusionary factor of having longer, slender legs. Today, high heels come in a variety of styles, shapes and colors.

During the Middle Ages, both women and men wore wooden soles that served as the precursor of the high heels. In this epoch, this kind of footwear is used to keep them out of the mud and other street debris. The Venetians however, used high heels as a symbol for revealing wealth and social standing for women. It was just in 16th century were shoes were beginning to be made in two pieces.

High Heels just like any fashion item went thru ups and downs. To show equality, Napoleon banished high heels back in 1971. It just got its popularity back when Victorians thought that the high heels showed symbolism of a curve of a woman. In the present state, one can clearly say that high heels have come a long way in the world of fashion. The evolution of this footwear just proves that high heels are really an important factor of elegance and style.

Outlandish, that’s the best term to describe modern high heels:  bejeweled with gold, diamonds or any gem stones out there, shaped like a boat or heeled with a gun. High heels have definitely mixed with the modern age. The outrageous your high heels are, the best chance that you would be noticed. High heels are very elegant. It won’t just make you appear longer, slender but it would also boost your self confidence as you are inches higher from them. Donning a pair of high heels would also give you the formal and subtle look. Furthermore, high heels are best to wear at night or at work.

In wearing high heels, there are so many things to consider. Always opt for the comfortable ones. It can also be highly dangerous so always be careful and maintain the balance.


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