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Time To Say No To Make-Up Disaster

February 21, 2012

It’s that time of the year and maybe, just maybe, your makeup isn’t the best match for your skin tone. Yeah, it’s not easy to find the right foundation for your skin tone. It can really be tough. Of course, no one wants streaking two-tone skin. Finding the right foundation is about finding the right texture and shade. Our skin either gets lighter or darker as the seasons change, so we really have to change our foundation seasonally. It can be two or three times a year.

Looking for a foundation, you want to find a tone that matches your face perfectly. The best place to test it is right on the jaw line. Our skin tones vary from different parts of our body, so it’s better to try the colors on your jaw line rather than your hands.

Yellow-based foundations generally work great for all skin tones. If you have fairer skin, the color with a pink undertone is the way to go, so choosing colors like porcelain, ivory, or cream will work great for you. For darker complexions, yellow-based foundations work great for you. You want to avoid anything with the undertone of pink or orange. There are specific foundations for darker skin tones. Most big make-up departments will allow you to try on the different make-ups. So if you want to test if a certain color fits you, here’s what you have to do. Put on your foundation and run over to a window or even outside with a friend. It’s better to test and view it in natural light. If it disappears on your skin, that’s the right foundation for you. If it stands out, keep trying other tones.

There are a lot of options out there when trying to choose a foundation color, so it’s helpful to have some guidance. With a few tips like these, I’m sure your skin now looks flawless and no one knows you’re wearing foundation.

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