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February 29, 2012

Balance. When I speak of balance here, I am pertaining to the balance of our body weight and where we carry our body weight versus where we don’t carry it. Everybody has a different body type. It can be apple-shaped, pear-shaped, spoon-like, or rectangular. Whatever the shape is, every single body type is different in regards to composition and proportion, but what is important to almost everybody is balance. Some people are top-heavy and have slimmer legs. Some people carry their weight in their lower half and are actually narrow at top. There are many different types of balance, but I am going to dwell on and talk about “being top-heavy.” It is something that you might have heard being described as an “apple-shaped” or round, but for formality’s sake, I am going to use the term top-heavy. If you’re top- heavy, when you gain weight, it’s going to be around the stomach area. You don’t have a defined waist. Your waist might actually go out farther than your hips. It might also mean that you have quite skinny legs which can be awesome and something that we definitely want to show off, but we want to show off properly.

If you’re not sure what your body type is, put a t-shirt and some leggings on and stand in front of a mirror and really look at yourself. See the outline of your body and see where you carry your weight. Oftentimes, people know that they are top-heavy because they have a fuller chest and their fit
problems are always on their tops and jackets. They rarely have issues in fitting for their lower half. By now, you might already have an idea, but let me go in this a little bit further. Visually, without any clothes on, a person’s body that is top-heavy is out of balance. What we can do with fashion and clothes is create balance by choosing the right garments that are going to complement your figure. This is important because when your body is in balance, you will always going to look longer and leaner. That is our ultimate goal here. No matter what our body type is, it’s undeniable that we always want to look longer and leaner. In order to that, we would want to make sure that we slim out the top part of our body and actually choose garments that are fuller or straighter and create a little bit more of a balanced line for our lower half. A-line skirts that kind of go out and away from the body would look great on you. The key point is that the top part has shape and has some kind of a light texture to it. It would also be good if you choose top garments with solid colors. Stick with tops with simple designs. Do away from top garments with patterns because they create visual weight- that is what we want to avoid. A great center point focal is one of those added things that you can look for. Down below, have some fun. You would definitely want to play with texture, pattern, movement, and shape. If you’re wearing straight pants, avoid anything that’s too tapered and make sure that it hits where the toe meets the foot and the shoe that you are wearing.

By doing these, you are slimming out the upper part of the body which has more visual weight and putting more weight on the lower part. Ultimately, you are creating balance on your body and you’ll be rocking it.

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