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March 5, 2012

                No matter what your body type is, there is a bathing suit that will complement your shape and style. Here are some tips that will keep you looking your best while on the beach.

Every body type has a bathing suit that complements it best. By effectively choosing the bathing suit that suits you, you’ll be able to draw attention to where you’d like it. Those with larger tummies should stick to a high-waist band one-piece suit, ideally, with an empire waist. You can draw the focus off large bottoms by wearing halter, padded, and push-up tops. High-cut bottoms and boy shorts can also help slim down large thighs. For the girl with small breasts, stick to push-ups and padded tops. For added flare, check out a top that ruffles. Big breasts require a lot of support, so go with the wide strap top preferably with a foam cup or built-in bra. With a long torso, a tankini is a great option as it would give the impression of shortening the torso. Short torsos call for bikini or low-cut one-piece. Avoid board shorts or going for any kind of bottom that is low on the hips.

                Colors and designs are as important as cuts when it comes to swimwear. Dark colors, diagonal lines, and patterns are great for bigger tummies and bottoms. Remember that dark colors draw attention away from it. For smaller bust, avoid horizontal lines and patterns. Of course, the opposite is true for large bust sizes. Again, dark colors on top will also deflect attention downward from a large bust size. Torsos have their own rules as well. Long torsos and vertical stripes don’t mix, but for short torsos, they work wonders.

Now you can head out to the beach this summer knowing that you look your best.

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