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Bad Hair Day?

March 8, 2012

Ever had that day when you feel so annoyed because of your dry and unhealthy hair? Ever had that moment when your hair easily gets brittle when exposed to the sun? Well, you better check the things you put on your head, there might be something wrong with it.

Our hair dictates our day to day beauty.  It is indeed one of the most important parts of our body. It gives warmth, protection and many other more. It defines as well the structure of our face. Accentuates the bone features to give you the perfect look you want. That’s the beauty of our hair. So if you have a bad hair day, I bet, you will also have a bad day.

Now, to guarantee yourself with a shiny and smooth hair, there are some things to remember.

Generally, a healthy lifestyle means a healthy hair. So if you are the type of person who gives in to fear, anxiety and stress, better stop it right now ‘cause it’s not so good for your hair. Also, you have to exercise and eat nutritious foods

Second, have the appropriate hair products. The less, the better. Overdoing your hair with different hair products is a big no no especially if you are unsure with the ingredients of the products. You don’t want your hair to be totally damaged, so get a help from the experts and let them choose the best shampoo and hair products for you.  There are however cheap but good shampoo in the market but you should always read its description and ingredients.

Third, choose the perfect comb for your hair. Opt for brushes which are made out of animal hairs because of its softness and flexibility. Avoid using sharp tooth combs ‘cause it might damage your scalp. Brush your hair only when it’s dry and you have to brush it downward.

If you have a problem with your hair, always remember that there is always light in every tunnel. So don’t be afraid, your hair will bounce back to its natural look if you will just follow these steps. Easy and simple steps but they will surely give you the best and most natural hair.

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